Welcome to my very unserious art portfolio page

i make art and i like things very strongly


KD makes soft little weirdos for weird little softies. They're a queer and neurodivergent multi-media artist filling the deep lonely void in their heart with huggable yarn and portable stories. The scope of their work is ever expanding, it explores every direction all at once and their curiosity is never satisfied. They hope you will find personal connection and some kind of solace within the work they are producing. Much in the same way a SCOBY is a mother, KD is the mother of soft art.

Thanks for coming by my site. I'm still learning html and css so this site is going to be changing constantly - sorry for the eyestrain

Every art application i've looked into to has a "social media or website" link but like IG is a miserable place for me.

Could I just use wix or squarespace?

Yeah for sure - but for me and my brain those website builders are easy to start using but it's overwhelming to make so many design choices. i don't want to use it.

I'm just really tired of the uncluttered aesthetic and perfect presentable smoothness of the modern internet.

Featured Little Angels

These are some of my creatures! I'm always making new little guys